Terms and Conditions

  • The remaining fee outside of the deposit must be paid a day before the appointment, once that it done you will then receive the full location details.

  • I do not travel for single appointments. if I'm required to please note a call out fee of £50 will be applied as well as travel expenses.


  •  All pictures and videos taken by me are my property thus I have the right to post on any social platform if I decide. By choosing to book me you give your consent to do this. 


  • If after 30 minutes you do not turn up to your appointment you will be Cancelled and lose the full amount paid.

  • Booking appointment times / trial days may be changed slightly to suit my schedule better and ensure that you receive enough time for your appointment.

  • All deposits are non-refundable unless in the unlikely event that I cancel the booking. All bookings require a £30 non-refundable deposit.

  •   Please groom your face before the appointment to ensure the best results. for example waxing top lip / sideburns.


  •  All appointments must start on time to ensure that non of my other bookings are affected.

  •  No refunds or discounts for makeup that has already been completed.

  •    No negotiations on booking prices, all prices are final.


    Prices remain the same WITH or WITHOUT A TRIAL OR TOUCH UPS


cancellation fees will apply for any last minute cancellations.